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We Are Multicultural | Interracial, Biracial, Blended Love Stories

Jan 25, 2018

Episode 16 is the story of a Bolivian - American couple Patricia and Juan Pablo, who despite being born in the same city & country, grew up with very different family traditions & but are now forging their own path & traditions as a family, raising 2 kids.

We talk about:

  • How they met & maintained a long distance relationship (she was in Virginia & he was in Bolivia) up until 1 month before having their first child together
  • How Juan Pablo proposed via regular snail mail over 3700 miles away
  • Why it was important for them to raise bilingual children who fluently speak, write & understand 2 languages
  • How they made their own path as a couple despite having different traditions and upbringing
  • What they've learned after 10years of marriage and advice for other multicultural couples

See their photos & learn more HERE