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We Are Multicultural | Interracial, Biracial, Blended Love Stories

Feb 1, 2018

Episode 17 is the story of an Indian-Pakistani woman Annum, who as a Muslim wasn’t allowed to date, but fell in love with a South African Jewish man Jordan & how together as a couple, they’re figuring out what married life and kids will look like as an interfaith, multicultural couple.

I ask them the following questions to understand how they’re making their interfaith, multicultural relationship work.

  • How she introduced her Jewish “special male friend” to her parents
  • How they figured out if their relationship would work
  • What happened when they were told, “a Muslim woman can’t marry a non-Muslim man” & how they faced that obstacle
  • How Jordan proposed
  • How their immigrant parents reacted to their relationship
  • How they plan to raise their children
  • What their wedding ceremony will look like

 See photos of the couple & learn more HERE