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We Are Multicultural | Interracial, Biracial, Blended Love Stories

Feb 8, 2018

In Episode 18, I had a fascinating conversation with multicultural married couple Ilene & Jorge about cultural identity & how it significantly shapes everything from personality, to relationships, to communication styles, traditions to raising kids.

Ilene's father is a 2nd generation Russian and Jewish and her mother is Filipino & Catholic. Jorge grew up in New York with parents who were Puerto Rican + African American, Colombian, Mexican and self-identifies as Afro-Latina.

We discuss:

  • not looking Filipino or white enough
  • How having parents who were unapologetically proud of their heritage impacted who she is
  • Why she naturally gravitates to people who are different
  • What it means to be Afro-Latina
  • How understanding their love languages and families allowed them to better understand each other & their cultural upbringing
  • What they want their little girl to know about embracing her mixed “Other” multicultural heritage

See photos of Ilene + Jorge HERE