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We Are Multicultural | Interracial, Biracial, Blended Love Stories

Nov 29, 2017

In episode 8 of the IAM podcast, I chat with the cheerful, award winning media producer & diversity champion Anna Lauren Tufecki about her love story with her Turkish Muslim husband Eren & how together they’re pioneering & redefining what love & faith looks like in a healthy, fulfilling Christian – Muslim marriage.


We chat about:

  • Anna Lauren’s Christian upbringing
  • How she met her husband Eren & how they celebrated an emotional interfaith wedding
  • Eren’s religion: Sufisim & what is Islam faith & what it means to be a Sufi Muslim
  • What they believe in now & how they pray
  • How they plan to raise their children
  • Anna shares the best marriage advice she’s ever received & her top interfaith resources 

RESOURCES Mentioned: