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We Are Multicultural | Interracial, Biracial, Blended Love Stories

Jan 18, 2018

Episode 15 is the story of a Korean - Canadian mom, who as a young girl didn't fully embrace her Korean heritage only to marry a blue eyed blonde American Marine, have kids and realize the importance of celebrating her Korean heritage, food and language.


In Episode 15, I talk to the witty Jihae Watson, a Korean-Canadian mom living in Arizona about her journey to fully embracing her Korean heritage as a kid, wife and now mom.


We talk about:

  • Her childhood experience as a Korean Canadian growing up in Jewish & Korean community
    How she met her American husband in Korea
    Why her parents initially wanted her to marry a nice Korean boy
    How she learned how to cook Korean food as a new wife
    How people react to seeing her husband & her with 4 multicultural kids & foster kid
    How her racist experiences has shaped what she's teaching her kids about being different and being sensitive to other cultures

SEE Photos of Jihae & her family HERE

Get to know Jihae: